EA plans to invest further in Battlefield 2042 and examines it in the long run

EA on The Future of Battlefield + Support for Battlefield 2042 going forward
The EA company held a quarterly financial conference for analysts and investors, at which the General Director Andrew Wilson spoke about the future of the failure Battlefield 2042.

Last month, the shooter received a large update of 4.0 with hundreds of bugs and improvements, including the addition of voice chat. Despite the mixed reviews of the players about this update, Wilson said that EA plans to continue to invest in the game, and also considers it in the “long -term”.

The CEO claims that Battlefield is one of the most remarkable franchises in the game industry, and they expect it to continue to grow and will become an important part of the EA portfolio for “long-long years.” According to Wilson, the Battlefield 2042 team now has an “incredible leadership” and rethinks the development process from scratch using the Vincer Zamplela/Respawn – “enjoy as quickly as possible”.