How to get through the 48th floor of Shadespire in Lost Ark

In Lost ARK, one of the events in which you can take part as soon as you reach the final stage of the game is tower . It consists of players rising along the tower, defeating different enemies on each floor. Of the two different towers that you can build, shadow spire offers one of the most useful battles with the most complex enemies.

It is not surprising that many players experience difficulties on floor 48 this test. The floor consists of a boss named a killer with two swords who imposes a debuff on you when you enter the floor. There are many different ways to defeat this boss with rough force, but here are the best ways to do this without the need to grin for hours.

  • Use your ult
    When you enter the floor, wait about 3-4 seconds until the debuff disappears, and then use panacea * potion. This potion removes all harmful status effects. As soon as you do this, you can use your waking skill to defeat the boss. This method can potentially kill the boss with one shot and prevent the appearance of other enemies throughout the battle.
  • Throw grenades
    Use your flame andfrosty grenades ** Damage to the boss. You will also need to wait 3-4 seconds until Debuff disappears after you enter the floor.

How To Clear Tower Shadespire Floor 48 Lost ark

Regardless of which method you choose, you need to make sure that you do it quickly, because the longer you spend time, the more enemies appear.

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