Pokemon Go: all the missions of the temporary research task electrified skies

In addition to the usual field research tasks and special research tasks that usually arise in Pokémon Go, we can also find ourselves in the occasional occasion with temporary research tasks . Without going any further, the Pokémon 2022 Air Adventures has left us with a new one on which we are going to leave you all the details in the next guide.

All the missions of the temporary research task electrified skies


This new temporary research task, called electrified skies , is shorter compared to what the game usually has us, because it only has a single step along with a couple of missions to carry out.

It shows that The flying type Pokémon are the protagonists during these days, because precisely your goal will be to capture all those who see this Pokémon family, including the flying pikachu with balloons. Luckily, all these Pokémon will appear more frequently during these days.

In turn, another great incentive to carry out this task of temporary research is the fact that you will obtain a lot Megaenergy of Latias and Latios , the two legendary Pokémon that are currently part of the list of heads of incursion. In any case, this is all that will have to do.




Capture 10 Pikachu


Megaenergy of Latias X50

Capture 30 flying type Pokémon


Megaenergy of latios x50

Rewards for finishing the missions : Experience points X3,000 and I find Pikachu flying.

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