Lost ark – Guide to assembly of the death blade

Death blade – this is the class of assassins in Lost Ark. This class is one of the strongest classes and can greatly simplify the game for players. These are high -speed fighters with a good flight range.

The best assembly of the death blade

There are a lot of attacks at the disposal of Deathblade, and they are all pretty good. As soon as you approach the enemy, it turns into dead meat. One of the problems is that they have too little health, so if you are someday surrounded by a swarm, you are in danger. To avoid the environment, builds should have many short and near -fighting attacks, which also affect the nearest area.

The Grape of the Death Blade

As soon as you reach the 50th level, you can start using engravings. For each class there are two class engravings that slightly change the functioning of the class. Deathblade has Surge and Death Strike.

Splash * – regardless of the number of areas of death that you have, Surge will be played at the maximum level of zero form Surge. When Death Transes ends, you will get a 5% Death Orb Meter scale for each Surge Enhancement effect that you have.
* The Surge Enhancement effect develops every 0.4 seconds to 20 stacks, when art is actively used and skills that are different from basic attacks and awakening skills. Surge also increases damage by 7.5%.
* With each improvement, the attack strength increases by 0.5%.
The remaining energy * – Art will not consume the art counter within two seconds when activating. The speed of attack and the speed of movement increase by 6% at Surge. ATK. The power will increase by 8% or a multiple of eight depending on your burst over 30 seconds.
* With each improvement, the speed of the attack and the speed of movement increase by 3%, and the attack force increases to the multiplicity of 10 (level 2), and then 12 (level 3).

skills of awakening the blade of death

Re -raking skills of awakening is very long, but very powerful. Each class has two unique awakening skills, but at the same time you can use only 1. Both of these attacks are very good, and any of them is quite strong.

DEATHBLADE Raid Ability Guide with Surge Engraving (My Early Endgame Setup to get every MVP)

* Flash flashing – Select the target and make a jerk to it 12 meters, causing damage to the go on the go. Enemies receive 1900 damage units when hit and thrown into the air, applying 6452.6 units of damage. You can also pierce the guards with this skill.

* The Board attack – apply 945 units of damage, attracting enemies. Hold the hot key to move forward, attacking the enemies and applying it to 3800.7 units of damage.
* If you fall into the perfect zone, you apply 1901.3 damage, grabbing spiritual blades. Then you will throw them into enemies to apply 2852.0 damage and discard them.

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