Blade and soul

“Soul” Metroidvania “SOULDIERS” Release is postponed to June 2 due to unexpected problems

Dear Villagers and Retro Forge announced that the action adventure “ Soudiers ” will be postponed to June 2 overseas.

This game is a single play work on a horizontal screen development that is explained by the developer that it has the characteristics of the metroidvanian horizontal scrolling puzzle action in a crunchy battle in the “Dark Soul” style of “Dark Soul”.

In this work, as a soldier in Zaruga, one of the three countries that controls the Assy continent, he has jumped into an earthquake -like event that occurred during the army. Set in the “Teragaya” land between deaths, you will have an adventure aiming for freedom.

The postponement of the release is decided to deal with unexpected problems

The release date of this work, which was introduced in the “Rogue Instruction Festival”, which features a rogue -like work currently being held at Steam, is currently scheduled for all compatible models, on May 19th to June 2nd. It has been announced that it will be postponed. An unexpected problem has occurred, and it has decided to postpone two weeks to confirm whether the player can provide the best experience.

Trial version distribution that can be played in the early stages

In addition, this work is currently distributing a trial version of a PC that records the early stages ahead of the product version. You can enjoy the world built with a dense dot picture and the smooth movement of the three difficulty levels and one of the three play characters prepared in the product version.

“SOULDIERS”, which is the hottest metroidvanian fans, will be released on June 2 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.