AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT bypasses NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti in 3D Mark Time Spy

Prior to the start of sales of the AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT and RX 6650 XT, only a few days are left, and the test results of all future new products in the Benchmarks from the 3DMARK series flowed on the network. Thanks to colleagues from WCCFTECH, we have convenient graphs with which you can compare these results with already sold video cards from AMD and NVIDIA. This is what the graph with 3DMark Time Spy looks like.

6950XT dethrones the 3090 Ti!?!?! And 6750xt beats 3070

It is important to clarify that all the results that are shown here are obtained with reference performance of video cards, and therefore you can expect even more impressive numbers from partnerships. Here is a table with all the results of video cards, which are currently available.