Fortnite: Simple method to throw Kohl 100 or more meters in one litter

If you have ever played fortnight Before that you know how crazy things can be. You will see Master chief Rick Sánchez While the 90s boost, and it is simply an amazingly strange side to see. While there are many visual curiosities in the game, there has never been such a strange challenge as this.

With our help we help you to become a master in the craft throw a cabbage 100 or more meters away , which is perhaps the strangest quest or not that Fortnite has ever sent us. Let’s start directly so that you can continue and the world champion can throw in cabbage.

Fortnite – throw Kohl 100 or more meters in one litter

To complete this challenge, you need a few things. First you have to find a little cabbage that is distributed over the entire card. However, nearby the fortress , You will find a few caravans that happen to have cabbage near you, so make sure you grab a few before going on with the next step.

As soon as you have obtained a few cabbage heads, you would like to get them on the fortress itself and use the siege cannon up to Break Berg, Which two of these places are shown in the graphic above.

As soon as you have done this, you should increase your goal by approximately 45 to 60 degrees , make sure that you have a good line without the curvature that is too much. As soon as you have found the perfect place, you just want to press the button Ads or Aim Down Sights , key, make sure that you have a good velocity and then press the fire button .

something big is stuck in his ear..

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And there you have it! The craziest challenge in Fortnite has now been completed and you have an extra 20,000 EP on the way to your Battle Pass. Fortunately, if this has not worked for some reason, you can go down and take the cabbage heads that you have thrown and try again. However, it should only take one or two litters because they can adapt their throw before throwing another.

Fortunately, this and the coat quest are, unlike some other fairly simple **, covered missions that have come together. Make sure you complete them as soon as possible, as the game continues to change you weekly or sometimes even every day!

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