Berlin follows Munich in the final

In front of 10,035 spectators, the polar bears moved into the DEL final series for the twelfth time. Manuel Wiederer (21st) and Blaine Byron (46th, 60th) ensured the necessary third victory with their goals. National goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger achieved a shutout with 26 Saves.

Both teams were initially shyed by the risk. Apart from a slatted hit each, there was a lack of clear chances before the first break. But just 43 seconds after the restart, the hosts managed again. After a counterattack, the attacker used a cross pass from Kevin Clark. Both opponents then achieved opportunities, but only the hosts met. Byron expanded the lead when he first hit the crossbar and then sank the rebound. Shortly before the end, Byron hit the orphaned goal.

“Just made one more mistake”

“We just made one more mistake,” said Mannheim’s Korbinian Holzer: “This is bitter.” The mood among the polar bears was naturally significantly better. “The troop is really mentally mental. We know what we want,” said Niederberger in magenta. National striker Marcel Noebels said: “We played very well and used our chances.”

The Horrific Final Days on the Eastern Front | The Fall of Berlin 1945 by Antony Beevor

After the Berliners took the lead with two wins in the series, they had already looked like the safe final participant. The Mannheimers had won three and four and forced the decisive duel with the 2-2 series compensation.

Finale: game 1 already on Friday

Already tomorrow Friday (7.30 p.m.) the main round winner Berlin welcomes the main round of EHC Red Bull Munich for the first final. This year’s champion can be found on May 2 at the earliest and will be determined on May 5 at the latest.

The Munich team has been a finalist since last Sunday (3-0 series victory against Wolfsburg). As in 2018, in the final in the final, it will also be reunited with ex-coach Don Jackson, who once shaped the polar bears for the dominant club del. The duel between the two top teams went to Munich four years ago.

In contrast to corona pandemic, the playoffs are held in the best-of-five instead of best-of-seeven mode. Three victories are necessary to win the championship. The new champion is determined on May 2nd and at the latest on May 5 at the earliest.