7 years of Silent Hills cancellation are turned

One of the events that hurt the most in the video game industry was the cancellation of Silent Hills , a project that would return the glory to that franchise forgotten by Konami . This would be worked for neither more nor less than Hideo Kojima, who at the same time won high -range collaborators such as Norman Reedus and the director Guillermo del Toro .

Specifically, it was April 25, 2015 when the fateful news was announced, this next to the game of Kojima of that developer who was a second house for the artist. From that moment, the followers have asked until the tiredness that the project is resumed, but it seems that for now it is not in the company’s plans to return to this IP.

It is worth adding that the creator of the saga, Keiichiro Toyama something new. He even interviewed at the time the person responsible for the birth of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, counting some interesting anecdotes of video game creation.

Silent Hills I was going to propose an interesting turn for video games in the genre terror. In fact, even his fans recreated that demo launched in E3 of 2014 , all in order not to let this software piece be lost in limbo. Well, today there is no way to download it, being few lucky ones who can still play it in their PlayStation 4 .

Silent Hills Has Been Cancelled

Without a doubt, an important loss for the industry in general. He left with all those releases that never saw daylight. The clearest example, the cancellation of the expected Scaalebound , which was going to be one of the most ambitious creations of Platinum Games for a Microsoft platform.

Editor’s note : seven years have passed and the wound continues to hurt. However, we could see a kind of spiritual successor at some point. But it would be better for Konami to put the batteries and give him a second air to his property.