Oh God, we can sell in Skyrim drugs to orphans

In Skyrim you can drive all kinds of Schabernack and of course also play abysmal characters that erase whole cities. But to sell an orphan drugs, that’s a very own house number on sneaking. We are not talking about a few harmless medicinal herbs, but from the hard stuff: you can print a poor little girl, for example, Redwater Skooma.

Skyrim: We can sell orphans drugs, but it is probably no intention

It’s about it: A Skyrim fan has discovered that there is the opportunity to sell the children’s NPC Sofie in Windhelm hard drugs. So if you always wanted to be really nasty, you can do this in this way. For us, this malignancy is definitely clearly over vampirism and the thieves.

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Actually, the orphan girl Sofie simply sells flowers to keep over water. But apparently she is not quite averse to pound a small beside business out of the ground. After all, with the narcotic skoom or the hallucinogenic Sleeping Tree SAP, much more coal should be made when it’s the case with flowers (we’ve heard, uh, somewhere).

Skooma represents a substance in the Lore of Elder Scrolls, which is considered highly addictive and still very illegally classified. Redwater Skooma is even more dangerous. This variant is stronger and is used by vampires, for example, to make your victims submissive – quasi the equivalent to co-drops in the Skyrim world.

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Why is that? The possibility of selling the hard fabric should not have been so intended. But apparently the children’s NPC is classified as an alchemy dealer selling both potions and their ingredients (as well as automatically buys), because flowers are officially around alchemy ingredients within Skyrim. That we can turn to the orphan hard drugs, so it is probably only at the categorization.

Have you ever sold orphans drugs in Skyrim? What was your worst atrocity?