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Destiny 2: What a weapon will be removed from the mining pools in 17

Weapons are often removed from mining pools, so Destiny 2 players are familiar with this concept. Nevertheless, fans can be interesting to find out with what weapons they need to say goodbye to the very near future.

Weapon that will be removed from prey pools in Destiny 2

As in the 17th and 18th season, six separate weapons species will be removed at the beginning of each season. Stopping up with a variety of rifles, machine guns, guns and many others. Look at what will go out in each season below.

What weapon will be deleted in 17 season Destiny 2?

  • Iron Banner
    • Finite shock hand gun
    • Occluded sniper rifle finality
  • Dust
    • Palindrome hand gun
    • Comedian shotgun
  • Osiris Tests
    • Pulse Messenger Rifle
    • Pistol-machine gun Shayura’s Wrath

What weapon will be removed in the 18 season Destiny 2?

  • Iron Banner
    • Archont grower machine gun

* Pistol "Bonds of the World"
  • Dust
    • Hot head rocket
    • Plug One.1 Fusion Rifle
  • Osiris Tests
    • Automatic call rifle
    • Sniper rifle Eye of Sol

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