Overwatch 2: Gameplay, History and Scenes. Developers husk Sejourn, the new character

Presented many times since 2019, heroin sojour red1. This time, it is the developers who speak and who have the scenes of the creation of this character.


Old member of the Overwatch

She is the first exclusive heroine of Overwatch 2: it’s about Sojourn. Already presented in November 2019 on the occasion of the blizzcon of that year, the heroin is full of information. Last Wednesday, it’s a trailer around its history that is broadcast by the official chain of the game. It is learned then that it’s called Vivian Chase and that sojour is only his name of hero. It is a Canadian, a member of the Overwatch squad: the latter is composed of elite units whose mission is to protect civilians. And in the wake of this presentation video (just available below), it is a video of the developers who speak on the design of the fighting kit of Sejourn.

“A central element for character design”

A video available so in the header of this article. These are Miranda Moyer, Narrative Designer, and Geoff Goodman, lead hero designer, both present in the Overwatch Development Team 2. To design Sojourn, they indicate resume the same method as for previous heroes. It consists of articulating all the development and the design around a central element: the weapon. This was the case for Pharrah and his rockets or the precision rifle of fatal. But still, it is necessary to determine the weapon in question.

Nevertheless, there does not seem to be any debate within the team: Sojour will have a dependent rifle. The latter fills up with the classic attacks of heroin and, once the 100 of energy reached, draws a laser beam. Regarding his utility, she can slip (which seems to give him a speed boost) in the manner of legends of apex legends and can enjoy a powerful jump during it. Very effective to dodge shots, reach places in height or aim for air enemies such as ECHO or Angel. Next to this dependent rifle, it is also equipped with a species of pomegranate inflicting damage and slowing down the opponents. At the end of video, Miranda and Geoff explain that they had to change the initial ultimate capacity: the latter was a kind of gigantic laser beam passing through the walls, a kind of Hanzo but instantaneous ulti. Instead, so so can now switch to trance and has unlimited charged shots for a certain period of time.

For the moment, no release date for Overwatch 2 has been given and therefore difficult to know when Sojourn will let us try by the majority of players. In any case, new information should surface from April 26th: it is the date on which a closed beta of Overwatch 2 is held by Blizzard.


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Always so ugly with their fasiasse cartoons. What exactly what the difference with 1? 0 evolution. The milk cows fan of Blizzard will still rush over and go to the cashier for any evolution. Blizzzard is not ready to change

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