Elden Ring: Experts find vast feature that has never made it into the game

In Elden Ring, residues of an interesting feature were found, with which players and players had made NPCs drunk. DataMiners now show how the whole thing was working in the game.

Elden Ring: This feature was deleted

In the Code of Elden Ring are such a few interesting remains of features that did not do it into the game. One of them was now crowned out of Lance McDonald and Sekiro Dubi and brought back into action roleplay by hand.

With painted game mechanics, it’s all about players and players to collect dreams of slumbering NPCs . With a crystal ball should then be collected dream mist over the heads of the sleepers.

This fog could then be exchanged in a NPC called Reeling Rico – against a banned alcoholic beverage, which is actually only the protractor.

Which purpose did the drink?

The dream drink could be offered to a special NPCs for drinking to reveal their deepest secrets . So the dealer in the Church of Elleh had just shot about it that he was an honest and decent man.

Then he had drunk the dream Martini offered by you and would have fallen asleep immediately. A text would have informed you about what the dealer dreams. So this had had a nightmare that his ** will be burned.

This fear actually has her justification that some of you may already guess if you have played far enough.

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_How the mechanics works, as well as the interactions with the characters, shows DataMiner Lance McDonald in the following video: _

Why the mechanics was taken out of the game is not known. Maybe From Software has missed the time to expand the feature, but this is pure speculation.

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