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Online switch and ps plus receive important changes

In January of this year, Microsoft presented a series of changes for Xbox Game Pass, which focused on showing the information about a membership, including the price, how to cancel it and how to obtain a refund. Now, Nintendo YSony has made changes similar to your subscription services.

In the case of Sony, it was agreed to implement new measures for PS Plus subscribers, which include Contact long-term customers who have not used the service for a time to remind them how to cancel subscriptions. If users do not cancel the service, but they do not use it actively, the company will stop accepting payments.

Nintendo And Sony Are Making MAJOR Changes To PS Plus And Nintendo Switch Online
For its part, The Nintendo Switch Online service will no longer be sold with the automatic renovation established as the default option. If users want to activate it, they must do so after registering.

The changes that have been submitted to the Online Switch and PS Plus arise after an investigation by the competition and market authority, or CMA for its acronym in English, which was focused on the automatic renewal practices of subscriptions This was what Michael Grenfell commented, executive director of application of this organization:

“As a result of our investigations, a series of changes have been made in this sector to protect customers and help address concerns about automatic renewal subscriptions.

Therefore, today’s announcement concludes our research in the online video game sector. Companies from other sectors offered subscriptions that are renewed automatically must review their practices to ensure that they comply with the Consumer Protection Law. “

On related topics, Xbox releases a strong blow against the new PS Plus. Similarly, Bandai Namco works on a remake of a Nintendo 3D game.

Editor’s note:

While this type of updates may sound insignificant for some, these changes are focused on improving the user’s subscription, in this case eliminating it if a person simply does not use the benefits they give it. Hopefully pro-user decisions will arrive in the future.