GTA, Skyrim & Cod: 9 doofe things that you have already tried at gambling already tried

Video games like GTA and Skyrim offer you almost unlimited freedoms – and yet there are some things that really all gamers have made at least once.
In our picture gallery we show you 9 ideas that you certainly have tried it once.

9 things that you have already done in video games certainly

Is this mountain maybe too high?
Is fire hot?
Some lessons that you have learned in real life are gladly given to the test in video games.
In the virtual world, so many ways open, of which are simply too irresistible .
Sometimes it is also simply caution or boundless greed that drives you and lets every logic forgot.
These things just have done everyone ever.

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Did we forget something?
What have you ever tried in video games, although there was no special reason for this?

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