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Fortnites new flight has players from Chapter 1 OG excited

It seems that fortnite season 3 will not only add what the most powerful weapon can be so far, but it seems that the third season of the new chapter will bring something for those who were playing Battle Royale during chapter 1. Filtration comes by courtesy From the outstanding Fortnite, Hypex filter, which has a very good record in terms of leaks. It is not clear if the filtration is the result of data extraction of a recent update or the result of privileged information, but in any case, Hypex states that it is working on a “Seven” version of the drones of season 9.

Hypex does not reveal a launch date, so it is possible that this season arrives, but if it is only in process at this time, it seems more likely to be an addition of season 3 or later. Usually, when something is filtered like this, they spend a few months before it is added to the game proper.

Unfortunately, for now, this is the scope of filtration, which, despite the source, should still be taken with a grain of salt because it is not official and subject to change. This could be in process, but things change in the development of the game all the time. Since its release, Epic Games has worked on many things for Fortnite that never saw the daylight.

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At the time of publication, Epic Games has not commented on this filtration and the speculation it has created. He never comments on leaks, so we do not expect this to change, but we will monitor the situation in case he does it to provide all updates.

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