Try a Merus Merus, Twitter Acquisition … Ill buy it in 53 trillion won.

The Memoraces, who refused to join the Twitter Board, the M & A, as expected.

The Meron Mem Macli had a proposal of $ 43 billion (about 53 trillion won) on Twitter, and CNBC, including CNBC, reported 14 days.

According to reports, Merck suggested that Twitter stake in Twitter shall be purchased at $ 54.20 per share (about 6,6500 won). As a result, Merck has revealed the ambition to put the company in the top of the company in the first week only on the fact that the fact that the fact that it is a maximum shareholder is achieved by acquiring 9.2% per tweeter.

Merd said he was planning to break up with a personal company after acquiring Twitter.

According to reports, Merck emphasized that “I have invested on Twitter because I believed that” I believed that there was a potential for the media for the freedom of the world “through the letter sent by Brett Taylor Twitter.”

In particular, Merck argued that Twitter has to be able to switch to a personal company as it is hard to guarantee the freedom of the media.

For this purpose, Merck was a member of the Twitter shares to acquire 100% of Twitter to $ 54.20 per share.

Merl emphasized that “$ 54.20 per share is 54% premium compared to when I started investing on Twitter.” He added, “I admitted 38% premium compared to the fact that my investment is known.”

“If the proposal is not only the best,” said Merced, Mercedes, “If the proposal is not only the best,” I need to review it again for the shareholder status. “

Merd, especially, especially the Twitter Board of Directors took carefully and decided to make the company and shareholders to become the most profitable decisions.