[Genuine] Actor Kim Jung Eun, Like Kim Jung Eun,

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Actor Kim Jong Eun famous for drama ‘Paris’ lover’ and music program ‘chocolate’. However, in 2009, however, Kim Jung Eun, who is the same name, came to the new successor of North Korea, and all of the “Kim Jung Eun”, In fact, actor Kim Jung-eun said, “At first, the name of North Korea (North Korea Kim Jung Eun) wanted Kim Jung Woon. He is sorry, but I have been an elderly, so I have a feature that I have a name to change it. ” He was humorously, but he would have been stressed for his name as his actor.

There is also a case in the game system. Through the fierce competition, I found a few of themselves hard, and if the image is overwritten by a strong rearrift. When you search for my name on the portal site, I tried to pull out the unjusted game character TOP 5 that only the junior name is the names of the junior.

TOP 5. Heavenly Drones> StarCraft Zerg Worker Drones

StarCraft Jerg is a worker responsible for Jerg. Our drones that build up their own body and spit on the same spit, such as Hydra, was a pronoun to come up with ‘Drone’ for over 15 years after the first appearance in 1998. Even in StarCraft 2, which has been Korean, it was renamed as a “Pinkey” that is renamed in the name of the ‘Pinnle’, too, called the 3rd of StarCraft. ‘It was natural that the Dron is going out of the gas.

However, the RC unmanned to float the sky is “Drone”, and the situation has changed. As a result of the game as well as the game, it became a concept widely used in real life, and StarCraft Drone has long been forgotten. Now, even among gamers, ‘When Dron is Gas When Gas is coming ~’, the Gas Delivery Drone imagines the sight of the sky, and searched for the portal site, and searches for the portal site, StarCraft Drone has reached the way to find the nose.

TOP 4. Near Automata 2B> Ma Yi-ji 비 비

Our mascot character ‘ie’ was aimed at the time of the Mabinogi Hero’s release from the time of the release of the user. She was a pronoun’s name called Ibi for a long time. It is a common name, and Rostsa, a variety of characters in many games such as the city of the 7th of the 7th and Assassin’s Creed, and have challenged her azhip, but it has been a representative of the name of iva. 2017 Near: The 2B of Automata appears to appear!

The game is a junior 2B, but there was no eyesight, but the famousty of Maejeon Lee Bee has jumped across a glance. Just as you just talked, “Ma Yeongjeon omb”, “Ma Yeongjeon Lee”, it is difficult to get a migration from the word Ibi. It is more unhappy, in fact 2B is that it is right to read. It is not a simple setting, but also the voice of Tovie within the actual game. Nevertheless, Korean gamers are “(thanks to the Meijeon),” I am sticking to the mouth of the mouth. “

TOP 3. Ai Masu Minase Iori> King Apa Yagami Iori

In 1995, I first appeared on KOF 95 and red hair and blue flame, Iori Iori, which was popular as a long fashion for a long time. In fact, the word Iori was so a lot of competitors who were so used throughout the name of sex in Japan. Nevertheless, there was a “Yagamiiiri” in the domestic gamer, and the atmosphere was continued for a while.

However, the atmosphere has changed since 2005. Maki lady appearing on idol master, because of Minase Irei. The popularity of Idol Master Series is rising, and against him, the KOF series took down the descendants and took the representative of the Natural Iori name user. what? Yagami Iori is still more famous, what are you talking about? Congratulations. You are not objected.

TOP 2. Hip-hop Survival Show Money Money> Star Chitki Show Money

There is a character, but there is a unreasonable case that is not possible. Show me The Money (Show me the Money). If you listen to this sentence, you will be reminiscent of 10,000 minerals and 10,000 gases as soon as you hear this sentence. Invincible Cheat POWER OVERWHELMING, OPERATION CWAL, OPERATION CWAL, Victory Cheat, THERE IS NO COW Level, and the victory Cheat, THERE IS NO COW Level, but in front of the title of the Show Mother, the fireflies under the sunlight. In fact, this cheated has also been a game industry’s most famous cheat key beyond StarCraft.

Kim Jong-un stars in film of missile launch on North Korean TV

However, because the sentence itself is a gangster, such as “how much money?” It is often used elsewhere, so it is often used elsewhere, which is the hip-hop survival program that started to open 2012 in Mnet. As this program gets more popular than imagination, the saying that the Natural Leshminder Money has resulted in hip-hop. This program lasts for the 10th year, and because of the awareness of the awareness, now it is now a starcraft cheat key and made it enough to listen to the sound of the Semi Money.

TOP 1. Digimon, Corona Moon

In fact, the first place seems to be a big explanation. This is because tears come out even if you look at the title.

Corona Mona, which is the main character of Digimon Story series, which was released as NDS, Coronaon, which was a great look, and the power to deal with reddishes like the name. Coronaon, which used corona plays to concentrate on the forefront of the whole body. Perhaps you want to be the largest victim of this cities. Corona Moon. corona… A I will finish it soon.