Wow: as a warrior with one-shots to the 2000 + rating

Warrior tanks currently suffer slightly under the weakness of their style of play and the strength of the other tank classes. Whether in the RAID or in the mythical-plus dungeons – the protection warriors are currently not necessarily the first choice in WoW. But now the well-known WOW players and Youtuber Rextroy showing that there is a lot of potential under thick plate armor. But he crashes himself as often in the PVP and uses a whole series of synergies in order to bolt the damage of an important ability so far up so far that he distributed in the arena in series on-shots – or at least almost one-shots.

With this tactic, Rextroy has just revised a rating of more than 2000 in the arena – without real resistance. For one thing you can hardly defend yourself hard against the attack and, on the other, hardly anyone expects the fact that the impulsive warrior tank sends one with the next blow to the spirit healer.

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Krasse synergies

In this case, Rextroy does not even use any exploits or hide synergies, but makes it easy to use that there are so many different systems and features at the end of Shadowlands, with which the same attack can be reinforced again and again. Rextroy combines pretty much everything the attack shield strike reinforced:

  • 20 percent by punish (talent)
  • 20 percent by thundering voice (talent)
  • 30 percent by shield block
  • 30 percent by avatar
  • 15 percent by the championship of Banner of the Conqueror
  • 25 percent through the strength of fire blood and PVP jewelery (eg: sinful gladiator wildness badge )
  • 20 percent through the strength of Leumund of the veteran (medium)
  • 6 percent by Kevin Schleimling (Soulband)
  • 12 percent by Seuchis preventive strike (soulband)
  • 200 percent through the 2-set bonus ( exuberation )
  • 75 percent in case of critical hit (chance increased by sword and shield )

World of Warcraft Swifty Highest Crit Ever (Wow gameplay / commentary)

Now it’s just how to activate all Cooldowns, Rush and How the opponent into Nirvana. Only the use of the 2-set bonus must be caught before. “Crittet” the shield strike , then that hardly survives any1. If you are unlucky and he does not meet critically, then the opponent is almost dead.

Incidentally, Rextroy recommends the jewelery meticulous determination of the cosmic gladiator so that you can not be kept during attack. With this tactic, as in the video, he has just beaten by the arena except for a rating beyond the 2000. Maybe we should unpack the warrior twink again.

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