Elder Ring: Hart, Ltters, Annika

My first hours in Elden Ring were clearly dominated by two feelings: panic and fear, because the merciful Souls image shyed me too much at the beginning. But countless sheep and the first death later, I had understood the system so far that I even stumbled some lifeless into the opponent hordes – ready to risk it and possibly go down, but for it. But to my surprise, it came quite different, because suddenly I felt this satisfying power that I’ve heard so much.

Annika Bavendiek
@ annika908

about the column series
Elden Ring is the first Souls game for Annika at all. Dark Souls & Co. finds them as too melancholy, too cryptic and too hard, which does not really meet their taste. But in spite of all, to get a sense of what makes the charm of these games, and to find out if she has the touch of a chance as noob, dares to dare her first souls greeds in Elden Ring. In her diary articles, she holds on how to fight as an absolute newcomer through the relentless interim region.

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The anxious chick mutates to the butcher

Some things need time. And so it took until I found my courage to properly share in Elyden Ring, instead of just afraid in bushes. After I experienced my first death that households with the runes understood and thus lost the shy before the death, finally my glorious climb – at least after my own feeling.

* Without fear, so I plowed an opponent after the other way * – including big chunks like trolls, but size is not everything. I’m not a fan of Grind, but the duels with the many “small” opponents paid out so. And oh God yes, it felt so satisfying to achieve something in my first Souls game and completely without exploits, glitches or other tricks. Because if one thing is important to me, then that I start the success for myself. I’ll approve a little look in our guides, but that’s what it was already. What a “fuck on it, I’ll make it easy now!” – Attitude can cause positively!

MY FIRS SOULS BOSS – Hallelujah!

When I found out that I can use the whole collected golden runes to get rennes from it, my level climbed back to the top. This made it possible for me relatively quickly to do my very first Souls boss at all: the tibiase driver in the Totenwasser village (Limgrave).


Tibiase driver victory!


While jumping around on his booth and gets untouched for reinforcement – which shoveled during this on his boot and pushed Undead for reinforcing – which are more annoying than strong – I strolled patiently through the lobby, stuck my ghost woofy and passe my attacks precisely. Et Voilá, after only a few attempts, I actually managed to defeat the Tibiase driver. And that felt so well that I rubbed my triumph directly with a message colleague and souls expert dennis under the nose.

Margit lay on the chain

But after me Dennis with the words “OMG, where are you running around? Husch, Husch, back into the first area!” Back towards Schloss Stormschlei sent, I trusted myself to Margit, the cruel times. Actually, I wanted to push this fight as long as possible before me, but the careful grind at the beginning of my elden ring adventure also played me in the cards.

In the first trials, I got too much on the lid despite ghost ash and the help of NPC Rogier, but it was always missing much. But I could not drive the last spark Margit in another 20 attempts. So to create that, I had to either levels, or otherwise help me. After a quick look at our Margit Guide, I also knew what to do: I lacked the Item Margits chain, with which I can put the boss briefly in chains.


Elden Ring - A Shattered Masterpiece
Margit Nerijus transplanted sprout


So it went down into the cloud flow cave to get me the item. The problem here: The invasion of Nerijus came to me in the way. But even this enemy defeated my catalist. 5000 Runes later, which I had to pay in the cave at NPC patches for the item, I stepped out with the chain optimistic back to Margit and achieved him as actually without great effort.

* Immediately afterwards I asked myself the question: was that really everything? * Yes, Margit was stronger than the Tibiasefahrer, but that was also good to my surprise. And also afterwards I had comparatively little problems to fight me by castle storm veil. Even the transplanted sprout was quickly defeated, I had to shoot only from the next room from relaxed with the crossbow on him.

So maybe I do not think so bad Souls player? Or did I really have myself unreal only through the many simple victims at the beginning, so strongly so highly highly highlighted that I fell so easily?

And then Godrick came

Due to the unexpectedly pleasant boss fights and other fast successes, on the one hand, I felt satisfactory mighty, but on the other hand surprisingly little demanded. However, if you are known to do not take your mouth too full, which happened to me exactly. For when I finally met Godrick in the castle and in the assumption of supposedly fast triumphs in the battle, Elden Ring taught me, what it means to fail in the Souls genre.

No matter how often I tried, no matter what tactics I used, Godrick and his innumerable arms let me no chance. It was as if the game wanted to deliberately influence a sense of haughty grove in advance, to let me fall really deep and shattered on the floor. Bravo Elden Ring, you really did that. My hard-developed self-confidence was crashed by Godrick in a few seconds into his items – which means I would be beaten.

* For hereby I swear high and holy: * Godrick, the transplanted, I get you! And if it takes me hundreds of hours to Grind in Elden Ring!