All Lucky Dice locations in the sunken mindless in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Sunken idle in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an area, several areas of which are blocked by a side quest. At the level of scattered 20 Lucky Dice, and most of them are open-air. This is all Lucky Dice locations in the sunken idleness in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

All Locky Dice locations

Side quests Curses and claws and diplomatic relationships need to unlock more cards. Doors, locked behind these quests, will be mentioned.

Happy dice game 1

This happy death can be found when players enter the level on the right side.

Happy dice 2 game

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - All 260 Lucky Dice Locations - Campaign Challenge

After the first happy death , on the left you can find a cave, hidden by blockade. Shooting or hand-to-hand fight on the wall will open the cave together with Lucky Die and Scroll for a waterfall.

Happy dice game 3

As soon as the players get to the first reading plate, the left will appear happy death for one of the columns column.

Happy dice game 4

On the right, when players reach an open site, there is a platform for jumps and Happy death on the platform next to him. Using either clap While in the air or expecting landing, and then jumping to the platform, players will be able to easily reach this cube.

Happy bone game 5

As soon as the players launch themselves to the pad to achieve the previous one happy death , another cube can be found on board the ship. Jumping on the marked yellow paths will lead to the ship, and the cube can be found in its back.

happy dice 6

Near the playground for jumping is the ship, the housing of which players can open to get to another ship. Happy death . It can be broken, shifting anchor over him.

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happy dice 7

On the right side of the map there is a big collapsed ship with Happy death sits on his top. Some jumps and jumps are all you need to get to it.

Happy dice 8

A Happy death sits on top of a large stone temple. Taking the jump to jumps, players land on it, and the cube can be found closer to the edge.

happy dice 9

On time Curse and claws Sidest Quest, players will open the way to this Happy death . A Scroll can be found on the other side. The entrance to this place is closer to the beginning of the level.

happy dice 10

Following the path of the main quest, you will find another cave, hidden behind the wall. It is located to the left of the Big Ship. Happy death Located behind the wall at the chest.

happy dice 11

Go ahead from the previous one Happy death Other outdoors in a cave. Poisonous drops from the ceiling fly right in front of him.

happy dice 12

A Happy death sits on top of a torn boat. Jumping around the ship, jumping over the nearest platforms with yellow tags, players will get to the top.

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happy dice 13

To the waterfall before the development, separating a high platform and ship, Happy death .

Happy dice 14

Go to the main quest, past the previous one happy death This is another Die on the edge of the cliff. This is some coral near the farther part of the cliff.

happy dice 15

In the area where players produce fish, there are two doors on each side. In the door to the right there is Happy death next to the collapsed column.

happy dice 16

After diplomatic relationships A side quest, players will eventually open the map area, which leads back to the kestodel. At the end of the quest you can see the cave with a destroyed wall. Happy death Located next to the chest.

happy dice 17

The main quest will lead the players to destroy the large ship. On the other hand, it is happy death .

happy dice 18

Behind the vending machines after the blown ship is the cave with Looy. A Happy death lies in his center.

Happy bone 19

At the end of the level there is Happy death to the left of the exit.

happy dice 20

As soon as the players achieved the end of the level, previously locked the doors in which the fish was found, open. Via one page of poetry and through another Obelisk . Owlisk, to the edge of Rock, is the last happy death .

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