Is there a multiplayer in the Planet Crafter?

In The Planet Crafter, you play for a criminal sent to convert a hostile planet. Your goal is to terraform the planet so that other people can live on it. At the same time, you will need to survive, create and build to succeed. But you may be interested, whether you will have to play alone or you can play a multiplayer game in Planet Crafter.

There is No Multiplayer in The Planet Crafter . While the multiplayer game is the usual feature of sandbox sandboxes, The Planet Crafter is a game for one player. The developers of Miju Games note that they “want to make sure that the single game is ideal” in the news post on the planet Krafterastrian Steam.

Turning a Hostile Planet into Paradise! - Planet Crafter

Is it possible to play a cooperative at the Planet Crafter?

You can’t play cooperative in The Planet Crafter as a game only for one player. Although developers want to create an outstanding single-user game, they also stated that if you add a multiplayer, then only after version 1.0.

But this does not guarantee that the Planet Crafter will add a multiplayer. So while you have to survive on this harsh planet and choke it al1. But this does not mean that you can not brag about your basic projects before friends on the Internet!

For more information about The Planet Crafter, check out the section “Where to find Iridium to The Planet Crafter” and “How to get new drawings in The Planet Crafter” in the game manuals for professionals.