Fortnite Offline: Server for Update 20.10 today Down – Patch

Fortnite Down: The server of the Battle-Royale shooter temporarily go offline today – the update 20.10 comes. Epic Games announces scheduled maintenance via the short message service Twitter – and calls details about today’s timetable. The multiplayer shooter is therefore at the usual time at 10 o’clock offline: logins and game contributions are then no longer possible. The matchmaking system switches off the developers half an hour earlier: the last game in front of the downtime are at 9:30 clock. It remains to be seen how long the servers down stay and leave to play.

Fortnite Down, Update 20.10 is on

Why Fortnite Servers Is Down? (How to fix Fortnite Servers Down Offline!)
A look at previous downtimes shows: The servers of Fortnite are usually offline only a short time. Therefore, the Battle-Royale shooter is likely to return for lunch or early afternoon – and logins as well as play contributions will be possible again. In the course of the downtime, the developers today play the Fortnite Update 20.10. Concrete details on the patch notes should only be submitted in the course of the morning.

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From David Martin
05.04.2022 at 08:25