Call of duty

The call of duty update: Warzone eliminates the damage by fall, the patch notes are revealed

_ Duty: war zone_ I received an update this week that casually fell on the day of the innocents. Then, as expected, this same update made some fairly unique changes within the Call of Duty game, including the total elimination of falling damage, the ability to launch with explosives and other foolish adjustments. However, they will be available only for a limited time, so if you plan to verify them yourself, now it is time to do it before things come back to normal.

Raven Software shared the patch notes for the update on Friday to show what had changed and, at first glance, certainly seemed a set of false notes since today is the day of the innocent. However, players charged the game to discover that special playlists were added, which, in fact, had the changes listed in the notes. These include the lack of parachute and the subsequent lack of damage due to falls, players launch launching and more.

Videos as the following have shared on social networks after the launch of the update to show the new experience in action. You can check the notes of the patch here, to see everything that has changed.

Game settings

Custom Loadours have been eliminated.

  • Cargo weapons were clearly overcome because players equipped effective combinations of attachments on them. To level the playing field for all, we have removed LoadOuts from the game. That RNG is on your side!

The parachuting functionality has been modified in boiler .

  • Data indicate that a considerable number of players die with infil. Given the struggle ongoing, we have eliminated this initial entry barrier. We would like to thank our creators for providing live demonstrations of this problem.

New tactical equipment

  • Fortification Granada
  • Players can throw this pomegranate to generate a fortified cash base of 20x20x20 equipped with a Firesale shopping station, an anti-aircraft cannon and a shielded truck defensive, which gives them a clear advantage during the clashes in open areas.
  • When analyzing our heat maps, we determine that players need better tools to interact with each other in low density areas. We hope that portable strengths will help improve survival capacity and leave a mark on the enemy’s morality.

New contract

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  • This contract marks all players who use prefixes / suffixes / clan labels, including, among others, TTV, FBG, YTG, TK, Tok, as high value objectives during the duration of the match. Enjoy the new followers!

WARZONE: All Major Changes In The NEWEST UPDATE! (New Patch Notes)

New Lootable Fauna



  • The functionality of the initiator has been modified in boiler.

Light machine guns

  • Bren (VG)
  • Minimum damage increased to 125, of 30