Oversized events that collect fans at “Uma daughter Pretty Derby”, a few trurses. 250 times the world population, Tokyo Dome 36,000 pieces

Cygames started “Top Umador Project” at the event at “ Uma daughter Pretty Derby ” on April 1. The holding period is from 12:59 on April 1 to April 4th. During the period, collecting 2 trillions of fans at all trainers is raised as a great goal. Today is April 1, but the event is really held.

“Hama daughter Pretty Derby” is a cross media content that horses who inherit the name and soul of racehorses, such as a master horse that has accomplished them once. Cross-media content. The game version is a fostering simulation game that players will grow them as a trainer.

“Everybody with all the top Umador projects” started today is an event that collects fans for Birthday Live of Smart Falcon (commonly known as Falci). Falciers are a horse daughter who self-proclaimes the strongest UMador. According to the lines of the Falcians in the story event, the Udlor is “Race as a Uma daughter and dancing in the wingning live, and it is the presence that gives everyone to every1. Also, for Umador’s falcon, her birthday is not only celebrated, but also the day to convey the fans. From such a history, the trainer will collect people towards the Birthday Live of the Falcians held on April 4.

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Customers for birthday lives will be done by trainers earn a fan through fostering. In this event, two targets are set for individual and all trainers. In individuals, you can earn every two million fans and earn all event personal rewards. For another total trainer, when all members of all have won a fan of 2 trillions, the entire event reward can be acquired. It is a fairly large number, and it was a temporary topic in Twitter, as it is an impact of numbers.

In order to refer to several numbers, Japan’s population is £ 102.44 million (from the Population Estimation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau), and the world’s population is 7,954 million (from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Announting Statistics Bureau’s World Statistics 20222 The number of downloads of “Uma daughter Pretty Derby” is more than 14 million. Simply capturing numbers, more than the world’s population, more than 250 people of the Earth. As the number of accommodates in Tokyo Dome is 5,5000, Tokyo Dome needs more than 36,000 Tokyo Dome to accommodate all fans. It is a number of tremendous people.

However, only the impact of numbers is strong, and the number of acquired fans in the game is a realistic number. In “Uma daughter Pretty Derby”, up to 100,000 fans will be acquired if you grow one horse daughter to the end. Furthermore, in the new scenario “Make A New Track !!” that appeared in the first anniversary, it is considered strong how to develop a lot of races among the trainers, and more than 500,000 fans can earn. Although the period is short for three days and shorts, the faction of “MAKE A New Track !!” is passed four times during the period, and there are 1 million trains that achieve a million people of individual goals. People can achieve. In fact, at 18:40, the total number of fans topped 257 billion people during the article writing. A realistic number was set with only a large impact of the numbers of 2 trillions.

“Everybody’s Top Udle Project” allows for trainers who have completed more than once during the period, and the SR support card of smart Falcon’s native type SR support card and SSR makeup debut gacha second R can be acquired as a reward. A bonus is added to the number of fans by organizing and fostering a smart Falcon of a huge daughter and a smart Falcon of a support card.

“Uma daughter Pretty Derby” is delivered for PC (DMM Games) / iOS / Android. “Everybody’s top Umador Project” is scheduled to be held from April 4 to 59 minutes.