Nintendo Switch Sports presents its 6 sports in an extensive new trailer

The videogame that marked a time in Wii is back this month of April in Nintendo Switch with Nintendo Switch Sports , the natural evolution of the successful sports game of great N. When there are only a few weeks for The premiere of the title, the Japanese company hNintendo now presented an extensive six-minute advance in which this collection of six sports is presented, thus presenting its candidacy not only a family play of this spring, but also one of the main claims From this summer and all 2022.

Rack the rackets and impossible bowling games… and renewed

Nintendo Switch Sports - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Volleyball , Soccer , Bowling , Tennis , Chambara and Soccer are the six chosen launch sports for Nintendo Switch Sports. In this advance, that you can see at the beginning of the news, Nintendo presents us in detail the functioning and particularities of each sport discipline, with a jogging and mechanics unique .

One of the main novelties of Nintendo Switch Sports regarding Wii Sorts, outside the personalization options of the Avatar character with a multitude of objects, is that there will be a call Liga Pro, where we can upload from Range by making ourselves with victory in Each sport Because this videogame is designed to play in three ways: in solitary , at company at home or in online multiplayer mode .

Nintendo Switch Sports opens into the world: thinking about online modalities

Modes like bowling in online multiplayer mode promise guaranteed piques. This time, All sports will have much more depth in your handling Thanks to the technological benefits of the Joy-Con, whose accelerometer and Gyroscope are much more advanced than those of the Wii Mote at the time. In bowling, for example, the launch options in a straight or curved line will give much more than yes. We can check it very soon.

It should be noted that there are two free updates On the way to Nintendo Switch Sports: one that will arrive this summer with soccer matches with a joy-with control and Accessory tape on the leg (which It will be included with the game if we buy it in physical format). On the other, in autumn will come one of the favorite sports of the original game: **. Both will be totally free for title buyers

Nintendo Switch Sports will be on sale this April 29, 2022 at a recommended price of 39.99 euros exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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