Konami launches site by the 35th anniversary of Metal Gear

This 2022 is fulfilled 35 years since the first Metal Gear debuted over there 1987. Even though Konami already abandoned this franchise completely, at least in the field of video games, they still have Intentions to celebrate this anniversary and to do so, have launched a new and mysterious website.

SONY BUYS KONAMI IN HUGE LEAK!! NEW Metal Gear 35 Year Anniversary Website is LIVE

Currently it is already possible to visit this website, which only shows us the following image:

Literally it is the only thing that deploys this new site, since there is no menu or any other object with which to interact. In a way, this has awakened speculation between the community, who believe that a new game of Metal Gear could be revealed shortly.

Recall that to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania , Konami opened an NFT auction, which turned out to be surprisingly successful. That’s why it should not be surprised at all if the Japanese company decides to do the same for Metal Gear.

Editor’s Note: KNOWN KONAMI, I’m sure this new website will end up being a disappointment for every1. I would love to have a new Metal Gear, but without Hideo Kojima leading the project, I fear that it would not be the same. We’ll see what happens with all this, but I would recommend you not get too excited too.