The video of the slap of the Oscar from Will Smith breaks the record of YouTube of MRBEAST

At this point, you have surely seen the video of the Oscar ceremony last night, where Actor Will Smith slapped the comedian Chris Rock on the face. To say that the clip has become viral would be short, since it has become a topic in which practically everyone is obsessed. So much so, in fact, that the video that involves both Smith and Rock has beat a record on YouTube who previously had MRBEAST.

At the end of last year, YouTube star MRBEAST launched a new video that created a real world version of the popular Netflix Squid Game program. The video became so popular that it broke some remarkable records of audience on YouTube. Specifically, the MRBEAST Squid Game video could accumulate almost 43 million visits in a period of only 24 hours. And while this total audience is still very impressive in its own right, Shot of Smith to Rock has now overcome it.

In a period of less than a day, the load of The Guardian of Smith Slapping Rock has already obtained the amazing amount of 56 million visits at the time of writing this article. The video has been number 1 on the YouTube Trend page since the time occurred last night and, in all likelihood, it will not be overcome in the near future. What is even more disconcerting is that the load of the video of The Guardian is just one of a crowd that has landed on YouTube, which means that the number of people who have seen this clip will surely amount to hundreds of millions.

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The only important warning with this YouTube audience achievement is that it is only true when music videos, movies advances and other promotional videos like this are not taken into account. As such, Smith’s slap that is heard around the world technically might not be the most seen video in a single day on YouTube. And when it comes to content creators who are developing their own original videos, MrBeast still has the record with his video Squid Game. Even so, the fact that this time of the Oscar has already won so many visits on YouTube only shows how big the whole situation has really become.