Fortnite: Constructions Yes, or constructions do not? The definitive survey gives reason to many

Originally designed as a temporary function, Fortnite eliminated its constructions from the beginning of the incipient season 2 of Chapter 3. Many fans see it as the rebirth of their favorite game, which for the first time in years attracts crowds again.

A burst of hype quite welcome, which brings memories of the Golden Age of Fortnite, when nobody really knew how to build at great speed and where everyone loved the title. Given this phenomenon, Ninja itself wanted to know If the community really preferred Fortnite “No constructions”. The result of your Twitter survey is surprising.

This is fortnite, not a workout to be an architect

Today, the results of the Ninja survey sound like an overwhelming victory for fortnite “without constructions”. With a sum of almost 250,000 voters, 74.2% of players are in favor of a fortnite without constructions . To simplify the thing, we could almost say that 3 out of 4 players prefer fortnite without the possibility of building.

Fortnite Will KEEP No-Building In The Game! (Will NO BUILDING Stay In Fortnite?)
Of course, we can always say that some voters are Trolls, or that the Ninja survey arrives at a time when the new mode is making a lot of noise. Even so, the score is quite bulky, to the point that it would be unthinkable that Epic Games send again to forget that game mode (the editor also seems to have made the decision to convert the mode in permanent, in the worst of the cases) .

Construction in the center of a heated debate

It is difficult to imagine fortnite without constructions, but the results of this survey make it necessary to really think about the subject. Are the constructions made Fortnite too exclusive? To the point of making the game unfair for newcomers?

Epic Games must currently be investigating this matter. At the time of writing this article, competitive modes in Fortnite continue to allow players’ constructions. But even some professionals no longer hesitate to defend fortnite “without constructions”, relieved to see that his favorite game recovers his power thanks to this fact.

EPIC will have to find a solution this week that delights from all players, since it is assumed that fortnite “without constructions” would last only ten days.