Football World Cup: SPD boss Lars Klingbeil takes national team in the duty

SPD boss Lars Klingbeil has with regard to the controversial World Cup in Qatar clear expectations at the German Football Association (DFB).

“The World Cup takes place. I also find it, she must take place with German participation. But she may not take place in the airlift room,” he said to the “SID” on Monday evening in Berlin: “We also have the political, social and all The accompanying circumstances thematize there. And this is what I expect from DFB. “

On the edge of the awarding of the Sepp-Herberger awards in the capital, the politician emphasized that he was “grateful” that the DFB is “increasingly struggling” the human rights situation in Qatar.

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Most recently, human rights organizations had lectured by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in front of the national team. “That was a very important and serious event. I think it’s important to deal with this topic,” said the new DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.

According to the 60-year-olds, football can contribute to improving the situation during the World Cup (21st November to 18 December).

So it is important to “strengthen those who believe that they are standing for an opening and for a more liberal course,” Neuendorf said: “That these people are supported in their concerns is an important step. They need this encouragement, That’s what football can afford in the course of such a tournament. “