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The Snowboarder Chloe Kim reaches Fortnite Fortnite a Skin; How to get it

SeFortniteon 2 of Fortnite hFortnite not done more than start, but your first collaboration is already here: the professional snowboarder Chloe Kim arrives like Skin to the game. Just below we tell you all the details of this new skin of the Idol series of Fortnite Battle Royale :

How to get the Chloe Kim skin in the fortnite store

According to Epic Games, Chloe Kim objects will arrive at the store on 03/27/2022 at 01: 00h cet . They will be objects that we can buy with turkeys, the Virtual Currency of Fortnite. We still do not know what price they will have, but they have been announced all their objects ; They are the following:

  • Skin Chloe Kim (includes invite alternative styles, pink poppy, icy infusion and extreme freezing)
  • Backpacking Accessory Wings below zero
    • Ice Hang Collection Tool


Delta Nunbola
talent gesture with the table
Nunbola flight loading screen **

Chloe Kim Cup in Fortnite: How to Get FREE Your Skin

03/24/2022 The Chloe Kim Cup will be held in Fortnite . Among the prizes we have the Skin Chloe Kim and the backpack wings below zero ; We can Get them free If we are in positions high enough, depending on our region. Here we tell you how to participate.

It is a cup of duos in which can not be constructed ; We will have up to three hours to play up to ten games . We will get points both staying at high positions in each game and eliminating enemies; If we get at leFortnitet a total of 8 points, we will get free the Nunbola flight loading screen **.

The Fortnite Skins are simply aesthetic; None is “better” or “stronger” than another. If you want to know more about the new seFortniteon of the game, we recommend you take a look at our full guide, where we tell you all the keys, including how to complete all the missions.