GTA 5 Online: Bonuses for New Generation Players Thanks to Hao Racing

This Thursday, March 24 is marked by the new bonuses available in GTA 5 Online, either for PlayStation and Xbox players, and despite the launch of the two titles in Next-Gen, PS4 and Xbox One players do not stay Out since there are also benefits available. In summary, we have the following additives.

  • Triple of GTA $ and RP on this week Hao’s Special Works time, a total of
  • 750,000 gta $ for completing them successfully
  • Double of GTA $ and RP in the racing series of Hao’s Special Works
  • HAO Premium Test Vehicle: The Coil Cyclone II
  • Double of GTA $ and RP by double or nothing and Madrazo contact missions
  • The Pegassi Torero is the great prize this week in the Roulette of La Fortuna
  • Challenge and prize vehicle: stay among the 5 best in two persecution careers this
  • week will win players the übermatch Sentinel XS
  • Discounts: 30% in Dinka RT3000, Pegassi Reaper, Pfister Neon, and Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire,
  • 25% at the Annis ZR350 and Karin Calico GTF, plus 20% in the Pfister Comet S2
  • Testing vehicles: Annis ZR350, Karin Calico GTF, and Pfister Comet S2
  • Advantages of Prime Gaming: Players who link their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA $ just by playing at any time this week

Bonuses for the racing series and hao counterreloj

This week, Hao races are giving profitable for PS5 and Xbox Series players. The latter bring in effect double rewards with 2x more e gta $ and 2x plus rp . However, to participate, it must be in possession of a vehicle with garage updates from our beloved Hao.

By Other side, the test tests do not duplicate but triple the profits with 3 times more GTA $ and 3 times more RP **.

Reward vehicle challenge

GTA Online: Easy $750k Time Trial, 2x$ Bonuses, and More! (New Event Week)

For all members of the Auto LS program, there is a new vehicle at stake, the Ubermacht Sentinel XS , but to do so, you must end up among the first 5 in two persecution races.

Bonifications of GTA $ and RP

Like every week, Rockstar Games offers several modes and / or missions that you can get a good payment, and this week The double-hit adversary mode and Martin Madrazo missions bring double rewards .

Podium and promotions of the week

This week, a new vehicle is at stake at Diamond Casino, and it is The Pegassi Torero . To do this, go to the wheel of fortune but eye, you only have a test per day.

These are the promotions of the week:

  • 30% discount on Pfister Neon
  • 30% discount on the Pegassi Reaper

  • 30% discount on the Dinka RT3000
  • 30% discount on Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire
  • 25% discount on the Annis ZR350
  • 25% discount on Karin Calico GTF
  • 20% discount on the Pfister Comet S2