Gran Turismo 7 replies to the complaints of PlayStation players with gifts as well as adjustments in rewards

It is just one of one of the most outstanding launches of the first quarter of the year 2022, however great tourism 7 has been tainted by a number of recent controversies. The title of Polyphony Digital is likeing as a computer game, yet its fall of web servers recently and also criticisms for racing benefits and also microotransractions have left a bittersweet sensation.

There will certainly be a patch in April with numerous modifications Confronted with these cases, considering that the research study they have decided to respond straight to their area by releasing a post on the Official Blog of PlayStation in which they come close to the trouble. In it, we value the remarks received and also apologize for the stress stemmed throughout recently, due to the fact that the communication was not really active or very clear either.

They state they recognize that this is not the experience that people get out of great tourism, and because of that they use a 1 million free credit report package available for affected gamers to exchange it. You will come to customers’ accounts soon, and also you will certainly need to log in before April 25 to be able to assert it.

From Polyphony comment that the last upgrade of the spot intended to correct a problem with the incongruity of incentives at events, yet they have needed to recalculate the system in full. To enhance experience, they promise modifications and also improvements in a new patch at the beginning of April :

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In addition to all this, in the Japanese study they are working with extra future information whose arrival has not yet date, such as the inclusion of 24-hour races, online timing or automobiles can be marketed. Whatever will sum up for a game that, as we end in our analysis of Grandma Turismo 7, we consider it as the most complete shipment of the franchise business.

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