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Google, Meta, etc. United States Giant IT companies have passed the data transmission negotiations with European, which were pleased to tactile.

The United States and the European Union (EU) agreed to the preliminary agreement to store the Europeans’ personal information in the United States, and foreigners, including the Wall Street Journal, were reported on the 25th (local time).

Joe Biden, President of the United States and the Uruza Phon Dayerien European Union Executive Committee (EC) The chairman of the European Commission (EC) has agreed to agree on data transmissions that allows European users to store personal information in the United States.

As the Convention, Google, Facebook, and others have been able to make online advertising sales and traffic measurements for European data centers in the US.

The Convention, which is named ‘Atlantic Crossing Data Privacy Framework’, focused on removing the risk factors that the European Court (ECJ), the European Court (ECJ), the Court of Europe.

In this Convention, individuals living in the EU have provided a procedure for raising their personal information processing issues. Especially, I decided to establish a ‘Privacy Court Court’ in charge of privacy disputes.

■ In 2020, the European Top Court is conflict with the conventional agreement

US and EU companies have freely transferred their information of personal users in accordance with the ‘Safe Harbor’ Convention. In particular, services such as Facebook have played a role in the ‘Safe Harbor’, which has a “Safe Harbor” to send European users freely to its server.

However, the situation was complicated by the European Court (ECJ) to dismiss the ‘Safe Harbor’ in 2015.

Then the United States and the EU have signed a new treaty in 2016 ‘Privacy Shield. It is characterized by enhancing privacy obligations of companies’ personal information compared to ‘Safe Harbor’. It was also limited to a certain part of the US government approaching the personal information of Europeans for the reason for national security. In addition, the Ombudsman system has been introduced with an independent status as an individual information infringement remedy.

However, ECJ has been narrowed by both data transmission paths between the two-sided data transmission, while the ECJ has been invalid for ‘Privacy Shield’ in July 2020.

At that time, ECJ “(both agreements) are prioritized by the US national security, public benefit, and there is a concern that the information is to infringe to infringe the basic rights of the information transferred to the third country,” Privacy Shield I did not reach the standards required by the EU law. “

In particular, ECJ pointed out that there is no way to raise the issue effectively when storing the personal information of the EU residents in the United States.

■ EU residents, Procedure related to personal information Focus on ensuring procedure

The European Parliament explained
In order to resolve this problem in the agreement with both sides this time, the ‘Data Protection Court’ decided to install an independent organization. The New Court will be established through the US administrative command, and the Wall Street Journal said.

However, it is still an opaque state that the agreement that has signed in a state that did not modify the US law is able to satisfy the European top court. As a result, the Convention also points out that the possibility of problems can not be excluded from European courts.