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Black Desert, Calpion: EP2 Dissence Dracania disclosure

On the 26th, Purt, Bis held a black desert Global User’s Table ‘Calpeon: Episode 2’. This Calpeion banquet has been in the first time, as part of the user event that Bis has been ongoing annually, in the December, the Calpe ON banquet, which was held in the Canyon Banquet on December two times to share stories about the first black desert. This tour was broadcast in a total of 9 languages ​​for a global user.

This ‘Calpeon: Episode 2’ introduced the content to be updated, including the release of the new class that was released at the last time. After the ‘Endless Winter Mountain’ regional update, we also disclosed the contents of story production and cutting.

24th new class, dragon descendants ‘Dracania’

The key announcement of this banquet was a new class ‘Dracania’ disclosure. Dracania has been released on the 24th black desert new class, which was released only in the last year ‘Calpeion Banquet’ in the last year. Dracania uses a ‘shard’ aid of the concept of the concept, such as both hand and weapons, called ‘Slayers’ as a fingerprint. Here, it is characterized that it is possible to collect a technical resource gauge called & quot; ion & quot;

This Calfeon: Episodes 2 also showed a full-fledged description with the disclosure of skills and hunting demonstrations, and the production image and interview image of the effect team that make the motion capture process of colorful skills, skills and characters. ‘Dracania’ will be updated on March 30th to create a national dictionary on April 6th.

Add music related content to save auditory fun

Purt, Bis introduced the music ‘Pulse Bis Music Channel’, which is a music listening service. Pulse The Bis Music Channel is a black desert, which is a YouTube channel that allows you to develop and serve and serve you in the bis. Here, it will be disclosed by individual track images, each continent, and a theme, and a sound fabrication, concert and music video video, and sound fabrication, concert and music video, and sound fabrication, which can be recorded in accordance with the taste. Ryufuman Music Director introduces the channel, “The most important purpose of making a space where users who love the game of Vis, and a space to enjoy the music and sound content of the bis, and enjoy a space for a relaxing and enjoyable. I said.

‘Audio Remaster 2’ update was also released. This is the second music related update to the ‘Audio Remaster’, which has been in 2018. This update will add to new songs and edit music in some areas and edit the black desert and all of the black desert mobile. The music playback system also updates to update the five regional nature for each continent, and reorganize music that meets the personality. The music is playing in the general field, a dark, nervous and serious atmosphere, a hunting, a hunting, a hunting, a hunting, towns, and a safety zone of the village, and the city, etc. Can be received.

In the combat area, the combat music changes to maintain the user’s tension and change it to come in the form of a medley. In addition, the representative music of the region, which symbolizes the black desert such as Belia and Calpheon, will set the representative song to play with the first song in the form of landmark music. I also resurrected the horse boarding music disappeared from the last audio riameter. “There is one more music project I want to show in the black desert, but I can not tell you now, and I will disclose the project at the future black desert related presentation.” The Black Desert ‘Audio Remaster 2’ is scheduled to be held in two times in April.

CalpheON Ball Episode 2 Reward Prediction [26 March 2022] (Black Desert Online)

User convenience Considering the game content

In the game, we will further enhance the “Balenos” regional cuts to the beginning of the adventure. It is possible to experience various cuts and NPC metabolism that can be confirmed at the beginning of the endless winter in the last calculated banquet, and can be experienced in the form of upgraded in the Valenos area. At the same time, the NPC remaster also increases the outer quality of the NPCs associated with the cutting work. The remaster reflected the opinions of users who send and support the existing content.

In addition, adding ‘Irezra Opening Tutorial’ for new users who touch the first black desert. New users can naturally follow the tutorials and experience magnificent directing and more immersive to the story. This tutorial has provided that ‘Irezra’, which is standing at the center of the black desert adventure, has been able to understand the black desert story more intuitively. The above content is updated simultaneously with Dracania on April 6.

Besides, Bis added the Evia region in Calpion area and enjoyed hunting of a wider difficulty, and improved the Hunting Information UI so that existing users can make their hunting. In addition, updating the ‘private hunting hunting’, which is prepared to be able to use personal hunting at a time for one hour for a day. Here, the “artifacts” and ‘brightest’ are added to add a private bag to reduce the burden of the inventory, and the pleasure of combination and settings has been saved and reducing the lack of bags. This is reflected separately from the base bag, and the set effect is also intuitive.

Finally, the ‘Endless Winter Mountain’ Concept is preparing new costumes to all class versions, and New Skin was also released. ‘Emergency, grading, balancing, valor’, developing four species according to each of the universities. The Merlian Skin will launch the sour season of the sea and will release the summer.