Maple Story Character Considing Black Pink Index

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) said that on the 25th that it revealed the Lookpoint image of the Ambassador Index in its online game ‘Maple Story’.

‘Maple Story Lookpage’ is a project that suggests a new styling of users with a black pink index that is selected as an ambreacer. I recruited the participant.

In the published video on this day, the index of the Maple Story Character Coordination is a great deal of “Dongyang coordination”, “The Gunyang Cody”, ‘Spring’, ‘Spring’, ‘Spring’, ‘Major Cody’, Sik Black Cody ‘,’ Cute Animal Coordination ‘,’ Cute and humorous coordination ‘, suggesting a new styling that matches six characters. Winners 6 are delivered by the Lookpaid Grant Nexon Cache W300,000 to allow the Cadet Makeover to proceed directly based on styling proposed by the Ambassador Index.

In addition, the general director of the Gangwon-ji appeared directly, the character of the person who appeared directly, to use the winking item to make the makeover, and the index has been disclosed as a female character and a male character, each of the usual coordination styles and coordination tips.

Nexon celebrates the Lookpage Project, “Henetes”, “Henetes”, ‘Ripre’, and the Ambassador Index that appeared in the main village, such as ‘Nameless Village’, ‘Hair Room Slot Expansion Exchange’, ‘Core Gemstone of Experience’, etc. Pay a variety of compensations.

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For more information on ‘Maple Story Lookup Project’, you can see on the official website.