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How to earn Talismania trophy in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the last game from Tango Gameworks, places players in Tokyo’s city, flooded by supernatural creatures known as visitors. Akito and K.K., the main characters, they will need all at their disposal tools for victory over these other opponents, including several types of talismans, which they will be able to get during their adventure in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Where to find all the talismans in Ghostwire Tokyo

Talismans are throwing items that can have different environmental effects and enemies. All talismans in Ghostwire: Tokyo are available in stores, starting with Chapter 3: Communication. Players can automatically hold five talismans as soon as they unlock this type of consumables, but Akito can purchase more storage space in the game skills menu to store up to eight talismans of each type.

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Stunning Talismans

Stunning talismans are award for Akito as part of History in previous chapters Ghostwire: Tokyo. After receiving these talismans for the first time, you can re-buy them in Sibou stores. Stunning talismans are 4000 meters each.

Talismans Tags

Talismans for the first time will be available as part of the main scenario of Ghostwire: Tokyo, which are issued as a reward from Rinko. After Akito first acquires Talismans for children, they become available for purchase in stores at 1000 meke per talisman.

Talismans Exposition

The masses of exposure become available for purchase during the “Chapter 3: Communication” Ghostwire: Tokyo. Go to one of the gaming stores to buy these items of 7000 meters each.

Talismans bait

Mascots bait, like the mascots of exposure, can be found in stores after “chapter 3: Communication.” Visit one of the gaming stores to buy them for 1000 meika.

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