Death Stranding Directors Cut PC: Publishing time and upgrade

Todesstrandung is shortly before the publication of a Director’s Cut for the PC version of the game. The Director’s Cut by Death Stranding for consoles has now been available for almost half a year, so PC players already know what they can expect with their Director’s Cut Publication by Death Stranding. Of course, this Director’s Cut by Death Stranding is not free update. If you do not own the game, you can buy this version of Death Stranding for $ 39.99. If you own Death Stranding, you can upgrade $ 9.99. Let’s look at when the Director’s Cut comes out and what is included in it.

When is the Director’s Cut from Death Stranding?

Although Death Standing Director’s Cut is already available on PlayStation, you still have to wait a few more days until it appears on the PC. The Director’s Cut appears on March 30th and can not currently be pre-ordered. Even if you can not pre-order it right now, we already know the price of the Director’s Cut and you can still play the basic game until the Director’s Cut comes out.

If you receive the Director’s Cut by Death Stranding, you will get a nice new cut for the game. Higher frame rates, ultrawide monitor support and support for Intel’s XE Super Sampling Graphics Technology. All this will allow Death Stranding to compete with every modern Triple-A publication. However, this is not all you get with the Director’s Cut version of the game.

In addition to the graphic update, Death Stranding was added a decent amount of new content. In addition to the crossover side quests for Cyberpunk 2077 and the Half-Life series, a new range of side quests is added to the game, which are discussed to Metal Gear. Now we only need some Elden Ring Bossfighting Quests that need to be added. In addition to the new quests, more new content is coming to Death Stranding.

There are also new usable items, such as the Hoverpack. As well as a new racetrack, with which you can have fun in your free time when delivering packages and dealing with BTS. If you need more help to Death Stranding, you definitely read our other instructions.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available for PS5 and will soon be for the PC.

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