Bray Wyatt confirms the history discarded WWE 2K22

Bray Wyatt clarified a rumor over Wek 2k22 that began to float this week. For those who lost it, the fans began to look at the files of the last delivery of the series of fighting games and found assets buried in the game files, one of which would have involved a plot in MyCareer mode. According to Reddit User Pepsiguy2, the plot would have involved Dana Brooke by aligning with “The Fever” Bray Wyatt and renamed herself as “The Shiend”, which led to a hell in a Cell between Brooke and Bliss as A “camera of elimination horrors”. match.

Wyatt then clarified that the story was never planned for the real programming of the WWE, only the game. The former WWE champion was released by the WWE last July and did not enter the list for Wek 2k22.

Actually, Bliss was the only one who was aligned with The Fiend, but since then it has branched in a different character (although among his weeks of promotions of therapy sessions and another prolonged absence of television, it is difficult to know what WWE has planned For her now). ). Meanwhile, Brooke has been involved with Reggie and the championship 24/7 in Raw for several months.

Out of a nearby appearance in Wrestlecon during WRESTLEMANIA 38 Weekend, Wyatt’s presence in the world of professional wrestling has been scarce. Jason Baker confirmed that he was working on a cinematographic project with Wyatt (now called Windham) last year.

“It’s happening. It’s happening. We did some things in November in Tennessee and we are working on some more, “Baker said. _Chic from Rocknroll Beer. “It is improving. Hopefully, people will like them once we have everything ready. I had a lot of fun working with him and heading when we did the first eight original segments of Firefly Fun House, we just clicked and we made very good friends. He is an incredible collaborator and one of the most intelligent people I know. Why would not I want (work with him)?

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“We have other people really good involved. It should be fun once we can finally put your boots on the ground, which is always the hardest part, put all the ducks in a row, in what we are working, and go from there, “he added.