The National Library will retain a copy of all video games developed in Spain as part of the cultural heritage

The National Library will be obliged from now to preserve a copy of all video games developed in Spain as part of our country’s cultural heritage.

This initiative to reform the functions of the legal deposit has been approved by the Culture Commission of the Congress of the Deputies, with thirty votes in favor and only five against, having voted against only the Ultraraderecha party VOX.

The Unfulfilled Potential of Video Games

The bill, according to INFORMA EPE, “considers it necessary” conservation identification and all video games. Although they were even considered as comprised between audiovisual documents, they were not registering all, which has motivated their inclusion within this important reform.

After approval by the Culture Commission, the bill must be ratified in the Senate. When it comes into force, all video games produced in Spain must be sent for legal deposit, and the National Library will retain a digital copy in the registry and, if there was, also a physical copy.

This measure is a very important step forward within the preservation initiatives of the particular video game and the culture in general within our country, and also reveals the increasingly large role that the videogame has within the Spanish cultural heritage.