Free FPS “EV.IO” started offering Japanese version. Browser shooter whose match begins as it is

ADDICTING GAMES started offering Japanese version of “Ev.IO” on March 23. Download such as software is unnecessary and can be played free of charge, as it works on a browser.

“Ev.IO” is a browser FPS. If you access the site, you can play without downloading, installing, and no member registration. It is thrown into an open room and the game is started with any rule and number of people. Operate your own character using the WASD key. Define the aim and shoot with a click to defeat the enemy. SHIFT keys can be dashed with a dash, spaced key, right-click and expansion, so familiar operations can be made on the browser, and shooter experienced may be able to enter the game without discomfort. While getting a weapon around the field, we will defeat the encountered enemy. The system is an arena shutter.

As a public game, you can select a rule such as Death Match / Team Death Match / Battle Royal / Survival. Corresponds to up to 12 people as the number of people. In the private game, you can change the aforementioned rules and select nearly 20 stages. You can adjust the gravity level, damage magnification, number of BOT, etc. In the setting surface, mouse sensitivity and hot key can be changed finely. In addition to being able to form a party, the currently playing game can be shared by the URL, and the features needed by the FPS are aligned with free. Also, by allocating points from the abilities field, it is possible to bring the individuality to your own character.

ev.io new fps browser game : )

“Ev.IO” released in January 2021. Updates were superimposed and this time we also respond to Japanese. It is placed on playability and performance, and it is easy to play with simple graphics. Recently, NFT content is also implemented, and there is also an element such as acquiring a token that falls randomly. It is likely to add various content, including block chain elements.

“Ev.IO” is open as a browser game for basic play free.