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Call of Duty Vanguard / Warzone: Snoop Dogg officially becomes a playable person, images

Snoop Dogg is REALLY coming to Vanguard & COD Mobile (4/19 Release)

Like Fortnite’s strategy, Call of Duty multiplies collaborations as crazy as they are imbable. While we barely recover characters from the attacks of the titans in the FPS of Activision, that is learned that Snoop Dogg will become a playable character as an operator. The rumor swollen on the events the day before the publisher offers the whole on the blog dedicated to Call of Duty. It’s not really surprising because the American rapper has never hidden his passion for the game and it’s not the first time he participates in marketing events around the Call of Duty brand. Nevertheless, this time, it is inducted into the game in a sustainable way through an event on Call of Duty Mobile at first. April 1st (and this is not a fish), Snoop Dogg will land at a Luck Draw, AVEVC a bling-bling look since it will carry an embroidered 24 carat gold, will be equipped with a legendary SMG to Fast shot, also gold plated and encrusted with diamonds extra. It is also specified that the death animations of the SMG offers a rendering close to the lights of a mini-concert and the more we multiply the “kills” and the more the light intensifies. It’s from April 19 that the Dou Double G will take its first steps in Call of Duty Vanguard + Warzone and Vanguard, knowing that there will be exclusive objects at each game, in addition to a different outfit that looks more like to that of a gang leader. What to have fun online with friends, with the legendary Snoop Dogg swag.