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Tradition break: Fortnite removes most important feature

In the competition of the Battle Royales Fortnite stands out above all by the versatile possibility to build buildings and structures. In Chapter 3 Season 2, this important feature has now been removed.

Of course, it is not pure arbitrariness of Epic Games, instead, the Twist is a central component of the story in Chapter 3, Season 2. The IO tries again to conquer the Fortnite Island and has a secret weapon in the luggage: a technology, which makes build impossible. You can watch the appropriate scene in the Story Trailer.

So that you can still defend the attackers to the fight, your Arsenal was extended by a number of useful weapons and skills. So now every character has an additional shield that automatically regenerates . You can also sprint for a short time and upside down on edges . This makes movement in the current season all the more important, instead of building as before and higher towering fortresses as soon as it comes to a shooting change.

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Marvel-Crossover: Doctor Strange becomes part of Fortnite

Of course, a tensile crossover with a known IP should not be missing. That’s why you will be supported in combat among others ** by Marvel Held Doctor Strange. Owner of the Battle Passes can also unlock the popular comic heroes as a playable character as soon as you reach level 100.

Currently Epic Games donates to Fortnite’s return on humanitarian aid projects for people who are affected by the war in Ukraine . These include organizationals such as Direct Relief, United Nations Children’s Hilfswerk, United Nations World Food Program and The Un Refugee Agency. Further information can be found on the official website. (Source: Epic Games)

Does Building soon return to Fortnite?

The story trailer suggests that it is a temporary measure **. Finally, the greatest motivation of the Season is to ward off the attackers and thus to regain the important ability. Whether this is already happening in the coming weeks or whether the construction is completely returned in Season 3, is currently not foreseeable. Chapter 3 Season 2 has been playable since 20 March 2022 and is expected to last three months.