Cafe Finish Alba Norin Stalker, Winnie Limited: Released Closet Case Steam

Yambumn without guests. Turn off the shop, and the coffee shop closing part-time to work to work, I felt my favorite pretend to be a blank shop. I turned my head and definitely see the identity in the store that should not have no 1. It is the background of the horror game ‘closing, the closing shift: 閉 store’.

This game is a unique psychological fear game producer, and is a new work of Chillas Art, which is widely known. Chillas Art is a fear game that contains the fear of the convenience store nightly alba’s fear, ‘Convenience store: Night broadcasting’, ‘Radio Station: Sightseeing’ on the Difficulty, ‘Many of the fear games have been made of the night.

The feature of this game is that the walking simulation element has been emphasized with psychological fear. A cafe that is close to the deadline is physically depicted, and it was depicted to be finely depicted to come out that it is not a cafe simulator. Here, the unidentified stalker further adds a psychological fear that the poor fishery is followed and the unique atmosphere of the game is added.


Closing: The closing case is a ‘very positive’ evaluation in steam and format Korean subtitles. It is sold to a 10% discounted 5,850 yen by 26th to the release commemoration, and the Chillas Art former bundle package, including this game, is also sold at 11% discounted prices.