What makes cows catcher in Fortnite?

With each new season, developers are introduced into the basic game a lot of new features, such as weapons, game items and vehicles. One of these newly added items is Cow Catcher. Judging by the image, this is part of the vehicle modification which can be attached to any car to improve its total kernel strength . After the equipment you can mow any structures as trees, walls and other environmental objects with ease.

Where to find cows catches in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 2?

You can find part of the modification of COW CATCHERS throughout the map. The best way to find it is to search inside any garages or refueling stations . You can also find the subject inside red tool box .

How to attach a trap for cows in Fortnite?

You can attach a trap for cows to any vehicle, just throwing an object in front of it. Direct the trap for cows on the front of the car, and the part will attach automatically.

In addition to using it for disassembling structures, you can also use a cow trap as deployed shield in emergency combat scenarios. Throw the attached subject in front of yourself and quickly cover.

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