PS5: New rumors for an alleged PRO

Sony is apparently already in the middle of the preparations for a PS5 Pro . According to a current rumor of RedgamingTech, the new model should exceed the previous console performance technology again significantly. In addition, an approximate release was mentioned.

Is the PS5 Pro twice as fast as before?

While we have to wait a long time for an official announcement of such a pro-variant, it is currently claimed that the new console will work twice as strong in the graphics area. The rayTracing performance should be increased by 2.5-fold . Also PlayStation VR2 should benefit from the additional power. It is obvious but obviously if Sony will install a TSMC processor with 5nm or 4nm . Also Apple already sets the 4NM technology in the M2.

When should the PS5 Pro appear?

The video of RedgamingTech states that you can expect at the end of 2023 or early 2024 with a PS5 Pro. But that’s not surprising. The PS4 Pro the predecessor generation is about three years after the launch of the PS4 appeared in the trade. Since the PS5 was released in November 2020, this period is close. An important role here, however, could play the currently lousy availability .


PS5 still sold out everywhere

Even over a year after the start of the PS5, the console can still not be easily purchased in retail. Supplying the console in the network is sold out within a few minutes. One may be curious if Sony actually wants to bring a PRO model to trade even in 1.5 years, if the demand for the current version is not yet satisfied. Really, you can not look at the location.

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