Ghostwire Tokyo: The features of the Dualsense PS5 detailed video

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Immersion Trailer | PS5
In a week, FPS enthusiasts with a different angle will be able to discover Ghostwire Tokyo, the new game of Tango Gameworks studios, creators of the Devil Within series. Since it will be a PS5 exclusivity on Console, Bethesda Softworks decided to highlight one of the peculiarities of the game, namely the total operation of the features of the dualsense. Adaptive Trusts, Haptic Returns, Using the Microphone for Even Further Sound Immersion, everything has been studied so that the player is really impregnated with this Japanese atmosphere where the streets of Tokyo have been invaded by spectra of Folklore Nippon. Since we decided to be transparent, it’s been more than a week we received the game and the adventure no longer has any secrets for us. See you next week for our final verdict.