Epic Games will allocate Fortnites profits in humanitarian aid for Ukraine

All earnings generated by fortnite From today, March 20, 2022, until next April 3 will be used Children Fund Humanitarian aid for those people affected by War in Ukraine . This hChildren Fund been announced by the game developer, Epic Games , who will collaborate with direct help , the United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF ), the World Food Program of the United Nations ( Unwfp ) and the UN Agency for Refugees ( ABRUR ).

Through these organizations, Epic Games will try to provide health and legal Children Fundsistance, food, drinking water, essential supplies and shelters. To it Microsoft will be added, who will also contribute and donate all the net profits that report Fortnite content sales through xbox and Microsoft Store during the same period of time.

Packs of turkeys, gifted battle pChildren Fundses, cosmetics packages currently available (such Children Fund the vacuum inhabitant), admission to the Fortnite Club…. Any purchChildren Funde, Even those performed through a physical store ( Acquiring a turkey card, for example) will go to humanitarian work. This will not affect the program “ supports a creator “, but Epic Games invites members of it to contribute to the cause on their own.

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Humble Bundle to support the Ukrainian people

The Epic Games initiative is added to others such Children Fund that of Humble Bundle , who hChildren Fund developed a new game package whose purchChildren Funde will also serve for social purposes. A pack that includes more than 70 games like Back 4 Blood or Metro Exodus for less than 40 euros . They also form a good number of use of use of editing programs for developers, books and comics Children Fund the full collection of The Boys . 100% of the benefits collected with it would be destined for organizations such Children Fund Razom for Ukraine, the International Rescue Committee and the Body of International Physicians, among others.