Nintendo Switch Title is a large sale in Nintendo e-shop. Indie games that updated the lowest price

New sales of titles for Nintendo Switch started on March 19 at Nintendo E-Shop. In this paper, we will pick up and introduce some of the selling titles of interest, including those started today.

First of all, let’s look at the title that updated the lowest value. “Golf Club Wasteland” is 30% off “Golf Club Wasteland” to enjoy golf on rough earth that is lost. Murder mystery with an open world island Murder mystery eyebrow “paradise killer” is 40% off 1500 yen. “Plants vs. Zombies” match TPS “Plants vs. Zombies: Neighbor Building Fight Complete Edition” is 75% off 1075 yen. Popular ARPG sequel “Ocean Horn 2: Lost Country Knight” was 25% off. Puzzle adventure “I am Dead” that transpares the mind and memories of people is 1050 yen off by 50% off.

Deck construction action “ONE STEP FROM EDEN” affected by “Rockman Exe” or “SLAY THE SPIRE” is 40% off 1230 yen. Spaceship search FPS “Void Bastards” with strategy element is 60% off 1236 yen. Gakuen Dodgeball RPG “Dodgeball Academia” is 25% off 1927 yen. Money Equipment Expansion Survival “Forager” is 60% off 792 yen. A puzzle adventure “Carto” to connect the map is 50% off 1025 yen. Turn-based strategy sim “Warbone” influenced by “NES Wars” is 35% off 1943 yen. ARPG “Falconia Warrior Edition”, which fights on a huge Falcon, is 68% off 1200 yen.

As a title subject to other sale, “Supervarse!” Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 Remake “30% off 30% off. The remastered version of the popular open world race game “Burnout Paradise Remastered” is 67% off 1023 yen. “Everyone’s spellancer” remake “Everyone’s spellancer” for multiplayer compatible with 50% off 1320 yen. “Jackjanne” draws the main character who hides and enrolled to men alone, 6006 yen off by 30% off.

High rated deck construction type Log Like game “SLAY THE SPIRE” is 60% off 1028 yen. A “Moriken Story” to make a stronger impact on the same work, “Moriki Kinoki Monogatari” is 15% off. A rhythm game “Muse Dash” that a cute character runs through the stage 25% off 2430 yen. A 3D action “A Hat in Time” reminiscent of the N64 era is 50% off 1490 yen. Two chicken Police adventure “Chicken Police-Paint IT Red!” Is 31% off.

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Also, the dice eyes hold fate Fairy Talk Action Adventure “Lost In Random” is 1550 yen off by 50% off. The game version of the popular anime “Sponge Bob” “Sponge Bob: Battle for Bikini Bottom-Rehydrated” is 30% off 2618 yen. Masterpiece Shooting Games “R-Type” and “R-Type II” remake version “R-Type Dimensions EX” is 50% off 750 yen. A four-person cooperation party puzzle game “Rorororolo” aims to go to the goal is 360 yen, which is 70% off.

In Nintendo e-shop, many titles are in sale other than those listed here. Because the end date is different depending on the title, please check the respective store page for details.