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Why Monster Energy is

There are many strange things that happen Death Stranding . Although it is a product Hideo Kojima, it is not at all the previous Engrance metal games where the players were an expert spy trying to infiltrate bases. Now, players are carriers, and they are the latest deliveries in the world ready to risk everything to get parcels to destination. A strange thing in the game is that, although it is an apocalyptic world, there is always the use of Monster Energy. It is a vital resource for carriers who wish to instantly recover their endurance in full load in the middle of a delivery.

Why is Monster Energy Death Stranding?

There is no exact reason for which Monster Energy survives the consequences of everything that happened in Death Stranding . This could be one of the few things that remained intact in the history books of the world, Then officials felt it was the best thing to use. This could also be a favorite of the population, or they found that the carriers would receive the greatest benefits to use it.

What is the object in the game? This is what players will use to reload their stamina during a delivery. They fill their canteen before leaving. They can drink freely whenever they need a boost to recover everything, rather than waiting for his return by sitting down or resting slowly. Players often see it every time they are in their private room to take a shower, use the toilet or exchange one of the combinations they use in the game.

Kojima Productions Spotted Using Sony Mocap Studio As New Silent Hill Trademark Is Filed By Konami

Now, why would Kojima put so much on his product in his game? An answer could be his desire to want to imitate movies. For those who followed Kojima for a while during his years to work for Konami on the serial metal gender, they would understand it significantly. This video game franchise has imitated a good part of the 80s action movies and beyond, with deep stories and rich links at each entrance of the franchise. Because Kojima wants to imitate the movies, the idea of ​​a stable product placement could be at work here. Many films have a lot of product placement, drinks cars. The main characters of films generally use the product in front of the public for a few seconds, attracting their attention to it, then pursuing with the plot.

There are also other examples of product placement in the game. When players will ask Sam to use the toilet to sit on the toilet, there is an advertisement for the actor who interprets the character, Norman Reedus, and his new show. This is just in the middle, preventing players from seeing Sam doing business. This placement, with Monster Energy, basically breeze the fourth wall, which Kojima also made with metal genet at different times.

Despite these investments, there is no apparent reason for players to need SAM to control Monster Energy to complete the missions. There is no connection with the reason why it revives its stamina or why this liquid is better than water. Maybe water does not exist in the world anymore?

Anyway, we are all here and we wonder what Kojima will do next. We can not explain why Monster Energy is in the game, but sometimes it’s better to avoid the question completely.